OHL19 Contest | Call for Entries

The world is steadily growing more diverse and interconnected. With increasing trade, migration, and data exchange across time and space, we need to look more closely at ways to encourage interactions between cultures, classes and groups. From disability to age, informality, cultural differences and inequality, Open House Lagos 2019 is centred on showcasing the exchange of ideas and solutions through architecture and design. We are examining how good design allows people to live together prosperously beyond the constructs of physical and non-physical barriers, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, age, wealth or ability. In this year’s theme, Crossing Borders, Building Bridges, we hope to show how architecture can be used as an instrument to foster inclusion and openness in our societies.

We are inviting artists, photographers, architects, creative producers, journalists, and as many that are interested to submit work that illustrates the theme Crossing Borders and Building Bridges. Entries are welcome in various formats.

To enter, post a photo or video of your work (this can include photography, art, graphics, film, sculpture, dance, performance…) tag @openhouselagos on Instagram with the hashtags:

  • #OHL2019
  • #OHLBuildingBridges

Guiding Questions (your submission should be answering one or more of these)

  1. Why is ‘building bridges’ important?
  2. How do/can we make connections across different culture groups, age categories etc?
  3. What does the concept of crossing borders mean to you?
  4. How can the built environment and/or architecture build bridges and cross borders?

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