Open House Lagos Weekend 2-3 November, 2019

This year’s theme, Crossing Borders: Building Bridges: The global village concept has generally been long-accepted as the destination for human civilization considering its current trajectory. Its premise is that cultures would focus on communicating and move towards personal interactions, and this has turned out to be more  Social media has galvanized advocacy across borders, financial transactions and economic activities spread across continents, air travel has dismantled many hindrances to physical exchange and the human experience, and technology has circumvented numerous communication obstacles.

OHL will spread across Lagos Islands, Mainland and in-between deliberately  to showcase the depth of architectural expression, aesthetic and functionality.

More than 30 buildings are slated for walk-in access for you to enjoy at your leisure. Overlaying general admission, OHL themed bus tours will offer experiential packages based on audience-friendly subjects.

Buildings and Tours will be announced soon. To stay up to date please subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social media