Preserving Cultural Tourism & Architectural Heritage

Cultural and heritage tourism has become a major source of revenue for many communities and states across the globe. Imbued with a message from the past, the historic monuments of generations of people remain to the present day as living witnesses of their age-old traditions. “People are becoming more and more conscious of the unity of human values and regard ancient monuments as a common heritage.

Over the years, cultural influences have molded the ways spaces have been designed here in Lagos, not only in the area of ritualistic and religious importance such as churches and mosques but in simple residential structures that capture the changes the city has experienced. Cultural heritage in Lagos,  Nigeria stretches long before colonization, yet very little to no attention is been paid to these historical testaments today.

In this episode, we explore ways that we can prove the significance of architectural relics and show their opportunities within our city with Chuma Anagbado is a designer, artist & entrepreneur passionate about creating effective collaborations, sustainable solutions & promoting cultural identity.


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