Open House Lagos Weekend Festival is Here!!!

The weekend festival is here! We are excited as you are about it. Open House Lagos celebration of architecture and good design continues this weekend 2nd and 3rd November, 2019.

Open House Lagos 2019 is centered on showcasing the exchange of ideas and solutions through architecture. In this year’s theme, Crossing Borders: Building Bridges: We believe that architecture is a language with many dialects – numerous style variances due to culture, history, climate but one that is understood and appreciated by many

Open House Lagos tour will spread across Lagos Island, Victoria island and the Mainland as it is deliberately curated to showcase the depth of architectural expression, aesthetics and functionality. It will also feature 30+ buildings and 7 tours spread across diverse transportation channels with the aim of providing tourists with a good feel of Lagos you haven’t experienced before.  To register; visit

We hope to show how architecture can be used as an instrument to foster inclusion and openness in our societies. We welcome you to join our conversations and events on- and offline. 

OHL Editor

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