Introducing the Open Lagos Podcast!

We are so excited to launch the Open Lagos Podcast which will be exploring perspectives on Lagos’s past, present, and future. The podcast will feature perspectives and stories about Lagos city and grappling with the challenges it faces after Covid-19 and beyond. It will create a cultural platform to discuss the most salient issues facing our city today and celebrate the place makers and innovators behind Lagos’s built environment and a glimpse into its possible futures.

The podcast will be presented by a host, Yimika Koya. Our introductory episode features a member of the open house Lagos Trustee board and a volunteer with open house Lagos, reflecting on their work and sharing what they look forward to experiencing this year. 

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Our Host 

Yimika is a budding urbanist with a keen interest in Developing Cities. With a degree in Architecture from the University of Bath, her enthusiasm for cities spans beyond their physical characteristics into the softer impacts on communities and micro-culture. As developing cities like Lagos continue to explode in population, understanding their particular tangle of systems and re-organizing them efficiently, will no doubt positively impact the lives of generations now and to come. This is the sort of altruistic passion Yimika finds herself captivated by.



OHL Editor

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