OHL 2019 weekend festival in November

Open House Lagos returns for the fourth edition of its annual architectural festival in Lagos, Nigeria on November 2rd and 3rd 2019 and themed Crossing Borders; Building Bridges.

Open House Lagos is the first and only architectural festival in Nigeria. Launched in 2016, the committee marked the first of its kind in Africa, dedicating the workers’ holiday weekend in Lagos to exploring the history, present and future of the city’s architecture through specially curated tours open to the public at no cost. It is tailored for all to appreciate and consider architecture as part of the wider impact in their communities.

This year’s theme, Crossing Borders: Building Bridges: The global village concept has generally been long-accepted as the destination for human civilisation considering its current trajectory. Its premise is that cultures would focus on communicating and move towards personal interactions, and this has turned out to be more  Social media has galvanised advocacy across borders, financial transactions and economic activities spread across continents, air travel has dismantled many hindrances to physical exchange and the human experience, and technology has circumvented numerous communication obstacles.

To be considered as relevant to the global scene and encourage development, municipal authorities and governments are advised to open up physical and virtual borders for trade and build multinational connections. With maps illustrating global connection and expanding geographic conurbations and articles stressing regional inter dependencies, researchers and development experts have stressed the importance of building connections outside of localities.

Open House Lagos firmly believes in the efficacy of openness and accessibility in building stronger communities. Open House Lagos 2019 is centred on showcasing the exchange of ideas and solutions through architecture. We believe that architecture is a language with many dialects – numerous style variances due to culture, history, climate but one that is understood and appreciated by many. Good design allows people to live together prosperously beyond the constructs of physical and non-physical barriers, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, age, wealth or ability. In this year’s theme, Crossing Borders, Building Bridges, we hope to show how architecture can be used as an instrument to foster inclusion and openness in our societies. We welcome you to join our conversations and events on- and offline.

Open House Lagos will spread across Lagos Island, Victoria island and the Mainland as it is deliberately curated to showcase the depth of architectural expression, aesthetics and functionality. It will also feature 30+ buildings and 11 tours spread across diverse transportation channels with the aim of providing tourists with a holistic feel of Lagos transportation system.



The Open House concept was initially conceived in London and began in 1992. Since then, 30 cities across the globe have adopted the same platform and established their own Open House annual events. The format and principle are simple – offer the general public unprecedented access to buildings noted for their architectural beauty and innovation; iconic designs that have, and will, stand the test of time as symbols of beauty, centers of excellence and community builders. Importantly, the festival does not charge the public for visits, in the belief that great architecture, if shared, is life enhancing and delivers rich cultural experiences for all.


Registered as a cultural non-profit, the activities of the foundation are managed by its Board of Trustees – Chuka IhonorOlamide Udoma-EjorhPapa Omotayo and Sola Akintunde. The Trustees were previously invited members of an advisory board put together by the British Council to develop the first African ‘Open House’ concept as part of their UK/NG 2015/2016 arts & culture project.

Interested partners and sponsors can contact us via info@openhouselagos.com.

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