Carlton Gate House


Carlton Gate House

Architect: ARG Studio

Year Completed: 2011

This house is located within a gated estate with rules stipulating low fences to the street. Our design turns its back on the open street view and concentrates life towards a courtyard that contains a swimming pool and overlooking gym. The double height living room also overlooks this space.

The focus of the home is effectively now on the courtyard which is bounded on 3 sides by parts of the building structure and on the fourth side by a colonnade, which has an additional feature of jalousie design aluminium concertina doors which act to shield away the neighbouring property, affording privacy for sunbathers lounging beside the pool.

The living room bisects the house, the master suite occupying the front part and the children’s wing across on the other side. A steel and glass bridge spans across this space, connecting the master suite with the rest of the house. This strategy harks back to several of our past projects and remains a recipe for future ones.

The living space is dominated by 2 contrasting elements; the large glazed wall and a dark grey wall that contains an array of 3 sizes of porthole windows. These portholes resemble bubbles, recalling the aquarium that was to be located between the living and dining spaces.


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