Sencillo Beach House



Architect: CMDesign Atelier

Year Completed: 2018

cmDesign Atelier has completed a 3-bedroom beach house in Ilashe, Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is known as the most populous city in Africa with challenges particularly in traffic management. Lagos is less publicly known for its serenebeach environment, which in the last twenty years has become prime location for private beach houses. With theonly access to the region via water travel, the beaches along the western peninsular have remained exclusive with limited urban development ensuring they retain it’s natural setting.The aesthetic of the house is minimalist with an emphasis on neutrality to fully reflect and celebrate the beach surrounds. To soften and appreciate the plainer-nature of the architecture, we design a series rose-gold powder-coated4mm-thick steel screens based on indigenous Yoruba ‘Adire’ fabric patterns to create a delicate contradiction but functionally to reduce the sun’s glare and act as privacy screens. Our architectural intent was to create a series of spaces that could work for multiple gathering niches and morecommunal spaces for entertaining. The pool, 21meters long plays a focal role, reflecting beautifully the colour of thesky. Majority of the building materials were locally sourced, particularly the cedar wood for the tongue and groovedoors and rotating shutter panels for the hot tub area. White concrete was used for the pool deck to avoid the monotony of a tile surface and polished concrete was used for all internal spaces. Frame-less glass was used for the balustrade behind the stella laser cut screens to emphasis the elegance of the screens.



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